The fleet

To date, Canavese Outdoor offers rental of Cube Hybrid e-bikes, model 2022, which, after careful market research, have been chosen among others for:
the geometry suitable for the purpose: comfortable for long rides
the powerful Bosch performance cx motor to make you live a pleasant experience, to remember and to repeat. With its torque it will be able to take you to the top even on the steepest climbs
the 500-625 wh lithium-ion battery that guarantees excellent autonomy, ntegrated in the frame to lower the center of gravity of the bicycle and because the eye also wants its part
the Shimano transmission to always guarantee the right ratio
hydraulic Shimano disc brakes for safe braking
internal cable routing to maintain a clean, modern and attractive line

Why an e-bike?

Are you not sure that you are trained enough to walk paths that present significant distances and differences in altitude? Don't worry, thanks to the engine your limit will be moved much further.
Do you no longer enjoy going with your more trained friends because they always detach you? The e-bike is the right solution for you! You will keep up and have a lot more fun! The distances that you will cover with the ebike according to the effort required will make you appreciate the moment to the fullest, without thinking only of fatigue.

Do you think using an e-bike is lazy? MISTAKEN! With the e-bike you will be able to face differences in height and distances that you wouldn't have imagined before but you will still have to earn them pedaling!

Are you back from an injury and need to move without overloading? The e-bike will help you recover.

Do you have a race on Sunday and would you like to try the route without getting tired? With the e-bike you can try the route keeping your leg ready for the effort of the day of the competition and avoid breakdowns of your MTB race.
Recommendations for use

If never tried before, a small test near the CANAVESE OUTDOOR office is recommended in a traffic-free space so as to become familiar with the controls / engine before venturing on the roads / paths.